10 Food Trucks You'll Want To Visit at Chicago Ale Fest

10 Food Trucks You’ll Want To Visit at Chicago Ale Fest

For the sake of your beer festival-going longevity (and let’s be honest, for the sake of straight-up deliciousness), ten of the Midwest’s finest food truck vendors will be serving hot, cold, sweet, salty and savory items to pair with the wide variety of beers you’ll be downing at the 2018 Chicago Ale Fest.
Ranging from the morning necessities of coffee and donuts to the night-cap favorite of a taco in a bag, we have no doubt you’ll find at least 46 things you’d love to have soak up the pales, saisons, and sours from the festival. And if you don’t find anything you like, you clearly don’t like food.

Let’s take a look at the trucks:

American Glory Food Truck


Peddling comfort food from the debatably comfortable confines of a truck, these guys serve stuff that is, quite literally, rib-sticking. Mac and cheese, pot roast sandwiches, and even a combination of both, the stuff you find here is more than just a friend to the beers you’ll find inside – it’s a competitor for your favorite beer fest memory. Ask for the Motherload if you fancy yourself a risk taster – er, taker.

Beaver’s Coffee + Donuts


There’s no wrong time of the day for coffee – or for mini donuts, either. When the high quality beer has you ready to settle in for a nap (note: please don’t nap at the festival), head to Beaver’s for hot or iced coffee from Chicago-founded roasters Metropolis Coffee, or a wide variety of mini donuts such as cinnamon, sugar, S’mores, Turtle, and Nutella Dream. For those with a super sweet tooth, try a donut milkshake featuring any of their signature topping donuts.

Boo Coo Roux


If you’re looking for something with a little more heat on the tongue, head to Boo Coo Roux for Cajun and Creole cuisine. Featuring a rotating slate of po’ boys (a baguette sandwich stuffed with filling), fried shrimp, soft-shell crab, gumbo and a series of unbelievable fried sides, this truck is doling out some of the best flavor of the fest. Grab yourself a simple beer and grab a muffuletta, because you don’t want anything to deprive your taste buds of this true Cajun experience.

Crust Culture


We’d like to apologize for taking this long to get to the most obvious beer festival food: pizza. Serving wood-fired pies from the basics of sausage and pepperoni to the less-basic spicy fig, buffalo chicken and strawberry and Nutella dessert pizza, these guys work hard to bring the freshest of locally sourced ingredients to you, the pizza-needer.

Gayle’s Best Ever Grilled Cheese


Another mainstay of the weary beer imbiber: the grilled cheese. But this time, it’s with incredibly fresh cheese and combinations like raspberry jam and pecans, garlic spread and tomato salsa, and buffalo chicken with bue cheese. Gayle’s is so much more delicious than whatever concoction you might throw together when your ride drops you off at your apartment. Plus, there’s no way in hell you’ve got bacon onion jam in your cupboard.

Mediterranean Express


Looking for something on the healthy side with some seriously flavorful spice? Mediterranean Express offers a three-step process for curing your hunger and maintaining your healthy diet. First, pick a protein, then pick a base such as basmati rice, pita bread, or a masterfully crafted salad, and finally choose from sides including hummus or Cajun fries. Not everything needs to be coated in ranch dressing to be delicious, and this truck can prove it.



Authentic Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner tacos served fresh – if you’re craving something wrapped in a tortilla, this truck is your go-to. They also have nachos, tamales, and a variety of other Mexican cuisines, plus some incredible homemade salsas and sauces. And did I mention breakfast burritos? Breakfast burritos. In the middle of the day.

The Roaming Hog


With a name like The Roaming Hog, you hardly need to explain the theme of your menu. While the menu rotates, their sandwiches feature perfectly-crafted pork with a wide variety of pork-delivery devices, such as Naan, rye bread, burger buns, and more. Paired with one of their comfort food-style sides like mac and cheese, seasoned fries or tater tots, there’s almost a zero percent chance you’ll leave hungry.

Sausage Fest

sausage fest.jpg

Another truck with a name that saves you the mental stress of having to figure out what exactly they serve. But even though these guys and girls serve delicious hot dogs, Polish sausages, breakfast sausages, vegetarian options and more, they go beyond the call of duty to give you so much more than your basic ballpark dog. Fast service and super portable serving make this the perfect option for those of you who can’t wait to get back to the beer.

Taco in a Bag


With so many options on their menu, we don’t really know where to start. So we’ll try it this way: their mission statement is to “save the world from boring food” and surprise – they’ve succeeded. Ranging from a cheeseburger-style taco in a bag to a bacon brownie in a bag dessert, their menu can likely satisfy your wildest food truck dreams. Create your own taco in a bag or choose from the many menu staples, you can get your fix of bacon, cheese, gravy, chocolate, donut, jalapeno … We’ll stop there.  You want it, they’ve got it.

BY: Eric Clark

Josh Seago